Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Yes, for security reasons, you will be automatically logged out after one (1) hour of inactivity.

 To be a “Signal Provider”, kindly login to AIMSXchange with your Partner Account Number and password and sign up as “Signal Provider”. To be a “Follower”, kindly login to AIMSXchange with any of your Trader Account Number and password and sign up as “Follower”.

 No, we do not allow live account copy trading using demo accounts on AIMSXchange.

Realized PnL, USD = Total closed PL on account


Max daily profit, USD = MAX(Daily floating profit + closed profit)


Max daily loss, USD = MAX(Daily floating loss + closed losses)


Recovery Factor = Return/Max drawdown


Max. Drawdown = (Lowest Equity-Highest Equity)/Highest Equity in percentage


Age, days = Age of account since opening


% Profitable days = % of days account generating profit or 0 PL


% Losing days = % of days of account making a loss


Under Longest series:


Profitable positions = Highest profitable streak in closed trades


Losing positions = Highest losing streak in closed trades


Profitable days = Highest profitable streak in days


Losing days = Highest losing streak in days

FAQ For Follower

Login to your AIMSXchange account. Go to “My Accounts”. Click on “Subscriptions” and then “Unsubscribe”

Yes, the reverse option is applicable to all Signal Provider trades and you can also select this option.

No, lot size modification is not allowed. Lot sizes are automatically copied based on the proportional ratio of equity and margin by default.

Yes, it is based on net profit after the Follower has unsubscribed from the Signal Provider.

The Follower needs to open four (4) new MT4 accounts with different capital size. Each Follower can open maximum of five (5) MT4 accounts.

FAQ For Signal Provider

The password created is the master password for you to login to your MT4 platform as Signal Provider or Follower.

Unfortunately, you cannot change your master password on AIMSXchange. However, you can change your master password from AIMSCAP client portal. Kindly refer to Reset MT4 Password in the AIMSCAP - Trader Guide.

Go to “My Accounts”, click on “Subscription” followed by “Reverse Copy”.

Yes, but please note that the fees are pulled for distribution. For example, if 50% of the fees are set to be split among different IBs, not only will the subscription fees be distributed. It will be 50% of performance fees + subscription fees to be distributed among the IBs.

Yes, AIMSXchange will perform daily fee deduction at 00:00, MT4 server time GMT+2

pf = Performance fees

mf = Management fees

sf = Subscription fees

The changes will only affect new Followers. Those who copied or subscribed before the changes took place will not be affected.

If the performance fee is set as weekly and a Follower unsubscribes before the date of payment, he/she will still be charged 20% from the profit and loss of his/her account. Performance fee will be paid to the Signal Provider on the day the Follower unsubscribes.

Calculation for weekly fees will be done every Monday at 00:00, MT server time.

Followers cannot see any TP, SL or pending orders set by the Signal Provider.

All fee charges will automatically be paid at 00:00 MT server time for all types of periods chosen. Kindly note that only performance fees, profit fees, management fees and subscription fees are paid at the end of the period: • Daily (next day at 00:00). • Weekly (every Monday at 00:00). • Monthly (every 1st day of the month at 00:00). Trade fee (volume fee) is paid at position closing.

Note: For all clients, AIMSXchange only allows either performance fee or profit fee to be used.

Profit fees, % from profit from profitable trades only. Calculated only from closed positions after setting fees.

Performance fees, Paid in % from net profit. Calculations are based on High Water Mark.

Management fees, On a yearly basis, for example, if fee is set at 10% and charged daily with account having 10k equity, the fee would be calculated as 10,000 *(10%/365).

Subscription fees, Calculated from starting point of joining the master.

MAM is based on the principle of copy trading. The client or trader needs to fund into MAM master account before they start trading and copy to the slave(s) that follow it.

MAM slaves are read only (always), they cannot open self-trades/close opened trades. MAM master can change allocation settings / activate-deactivate slave / change ratio.

The system will close all floating trades of Followers and trigger payment of fees if there are any stated in the subscription set by the master.

Let’s say proportionally by equity x ratio

Lot of investor = (Master lot x Investor equity) / (Master equity x Ratio)

Let’s take following numbers:

master's equity = 2000

investor's equity =500

master's lot = 0.02

ratio = 1

Calculated lot for investor with numbers above is = 0.005. It is smaller than min lot on a server for FX = 0.01.

So, we have 2 options: open 0.01 or don't open anything. By choosing minimal lot it will open 0.01 in the investor account or otherwise.

Ranking is arranged based on return of performance over the period for the particular master.

Note: Manual adjustment can be done via backend to display the rank of a particular master.

Return is calculated based on method called "Time Weighted Return".

Firstly, it divides the lifetime of the account into multiple separated periods between deposits and withdrawals (as DWs shouldn't affect return), then it calculates a return for each period and then multiply them, return_1, return_2, etc.

For example:

Initial Deposit = 1000

Equity at the end of period #1 = 1500

Deposit #2 = 500

Equity at the beginning of the period #2 = 2000

Equity at the end of the period = 3000

Return period #1 = Equity 2/ Equity 1 = 1500/1000=1.5

Return period #2 = Equity 4/Equity3=3000/2000 = 1.5

Hence, Return for all periods = (1.5*1.5-1) * 100% = 125%